Amazing facility! Close to the freeway and by Shops at Mission Mall. Todd is a powerhouse instructor! He has over 26 years experience and he himself still trains. He shows the kids how to do what he asks. He explains it, does an example and explains again. He speaks to the kids in a slow and simple instruction. I appreciate the time he spends in showing the technique the correct way and helps the kids learn it. Learning the technique, in the beginning, is a huge result of their success. My 7-year-old son has never been so excited about a sport! He comes home and explains everything he did! He loves going to class and loves me to video him. When he comes home he watches the video and understands corrections and what to do at the next practice. I would recommend Evolve, plus the first class is complimentary!” – Katrina R.

It has been a month since my 13-year-old son and I have joined Evolve with Coach Todd and I have nothing but good things to say about the experience. We do both Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu. Neither of us are afraid of hard work, but we were a bit nervous about entering a new school for the first time as total noobs. Evolve first if all is a welcoming and place. Everyone present recognized us as  fresh faces and welcomed us to the family as they introduced themselves. Coach Aimer and his staff have created a culture at Evolve that is free of meatheads. Only good vibes, encouragement and a common interest in learning and getting better exist within its walls. When sparring with classmates in the upper ranks, they instruct and guide white belts like ourselves and help them to get better rather than smashing them and moving on. If you want to put a smile on your face, stop by and check out the kids Jiu Jitsu classes. I have never seen a group of kids having so much fun while working so hard. All the while displaying discipline and respect for one another and their coach. Over the last several years, exercise has not been a top priority for me. I knew I was out of shape and needed to make a change. The workouts are tough, but they are getting easier little by little. I also enjoy how it is something my son and I can do together. It’s another thing we can do to keep our relationship close in a real way without it being a text message. After four weeks I have dropped a legit 10lbs and can feel a true change starting to emerge mentally a physically. The day of my first class a month ago, I bought a pair of jeans one size smaller as a small token of motivation. I wore them today to work and they fit nicely. I wear the same thick leather belt every day to work and could go to the next notch in it while continuing to breathe normally! It feels good. Things are trending the right way for me thanks to Coach Todd, Professor John, and Coach Phillip. All of these guys are great and live to teach you what they know about training and accomplishing your goals no matter who you are or what your goals may be. If you are thinking about it, do it. If your kids are between sports or are still looking for “their thing”, sign them up. It can’t hurt. Thanks, coaches! Respect.

– Mike A.

“Todd’s studio has such a warm inviting vibe. Todd is very professional, friendly, encouraging, a great teacher and role model. His energy is motivational and his attitude is contagious in a positive way. I highly recommend the studio the teaching and the atmosphere of the studio to train, learn and grow!”

– Tianna P.

“I found this place through a friend about two years ago and had no idea how hooked I would become. This is my first martial art ever and I cannot get enough. The people at Evolve are amazing and have become family. No matter your skill level the classes are beneficial to all. There are a few instructors allowing a variety of teaching methods and all of them are good at tailoring the class to ensure everyone is growing on their Jiu Jitsu journey.”

– Courtney S.

I joined a year ago with my 5 and 7-year-old boys. My oldest boy was scared to get in the middle of the soccer scrum before joining and now he’s throwing arm bars and competing. He’s confidence and strength are through the roof, but importantly so are his respect and kindness. My youngest was always rough and tumble, but now he’s focused and disciplined without losing any joy. Both getting good grades and self-motivated.

I myself am in better shape than since before we had our kids. I am so far ahead of my 1 year ago self in so many ways. I’m not a long time athlete. Just a dad who works in an office. Now I share this great gentle art with my kids. And the guys (and gals) at the gym are the kindest most humble badasses you’ll ever meet. You feel welcomed and like you fit in from day 1. Coach Todd is the man. Fun, tough, goofy, approachable and a great human. He takes a lot of pride in what he has built. Lastly – He’s great with the kids. GREAT. Probably his strongest attribute. Professor Marcelo and his son Joao are both gentle, warm-hearted beasts. They come from legendary lineage in BJJ and bring a sense of fundamentals and belonging to the place. With these two representing the gym and giving instruction on most nights, you are in the heart of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

This is not a fringe club, this is a member club of one of the most esteemed international teams “CheckMat” and coach Todd, Professor Marcelo and coach Joao pass down this legacy well…but more importantly, it’s just a bunch of great people enjoying each other and being better than they were the day before. So yea, 5 Perfect well-rounded approaches for kids. Perfect culture for me.

– Ryan O.

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