Evolve Kids Jiu Jitsu

//Evolve Kids Jiu Jitsu

Evolve Kids Jiu Jitsu

What to expect from Evolve Checkmat Mission Viejo & its Coaches :

There’s no safe zone here for your child . Here , your child WILL be pushed to the edge, he/she WILL be tested to their very limits , your child WILL lose. Your child WILL cry, your child WILL want to quit. But I WILL NOT let them . Here, they WILL learn to OVERCOME, they WILL learn to PERSEVERE. They WILL learn to CONQUER their fears, they WILL learn to NEVER GIVE UP, they WILL not only learn to fight for themselves, but for those who cannot fight. Here, your child WILL be MOLDED through the fire of training and HARD WORK and gain a new level of RESPECT and CONFIDENCE to attack the world head on , and be the person they were “BORN TO BE” …

Our Promise to you : Evolve Professors & Coaches