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February 2019

What is CHECKMAT ?


CHECKMAT is an international academy, competition team, and family of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) practitioners. Founded in 2008 by Master Vieira, Checkmat now has affiliate academies in thirty-four American cities and sixteen countries worldwide. The team is headquartered in Signal Hill-Long Beach, California (USA), which regularly hosts “The Mundials,” the world championships of BJJ. At Checkmat, [...]

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Evolve Kids Jiu Jitsu


What to expect from Evolve Checkmat Mission Viejo & its Coaches : There's no safe zone here for your child . Here , your child WILL be pushed to the edge, he/she WILL be tested to their very limits , your child WILL lose. Your child WILL cry, your child WILL want to quit. But [...]

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Note to Parents: Evolve Kids Jiu Jitsu


There is no safe zone for your child. HERE, your child will be pushed to the edge, he/she will be tested to their very limits, your child WILL TAP , your child WILL LOSE, your child Will want to QUIT. But I WILL NOT LET THEM. Here, they will learn to overcome , they [...]

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