Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Discipline, respect, confidence, self-defense, excitement, friendships.

One of the most prominent martial arts in the world involves all of that – and possesses a friendly, learning-focused environment that builds character.

In times when children get used to looking at computer screens, videogames and social media, enjoying a sport like jiu-jitsu has become rare. But it shouldn’t be.

Why Jiu-jitsu, then? Evolve Checkmat  Mission Viejo shows you a few reasons:

Learn respect and discipline :

The learning process and respect to the instructor are fundamental inside a BJJ class. Simple practices such as taking a bow to your opponent show that martial arts aren’t creating a culture of fighting, but one of respect towards each other.

Moreover, the connection between instructor and student is vital to that student’s success in Jiu-Jitsu. Not only respecting trainers because it’s correct, but for understanding that your instructor will teach you skills and share his knowledge from the experience he’s had – not only in jiu-jitsu, but in life as well.

Self-confidence and Self-Defense :

Confidence is key to any aspect in life – it can range anywhere from interpersonal relationships and interactions to school and future work.

Jiu-Jitsu creates exactly that through the development of self-defense, another important aspect, and not really that common nowadays.

Defending yourself can be important in multiples occasions, but especially for a child.

Jiu-Jitsu, most importantly, focuses on neutralizing a situation instead of unrealistic, movie-like techniques not used in real life.

It is about defending yourself – if needed – without having to punch, kick or damage another person.

Socializing and making friends :

Building mental and physical abilities, doing physical exercise and competing are all important aspects of jiu-jitsu; however, nothing can beat making new friends for children – it is about having fun, after all.

In a sport that equally involves boys and girls, the social skills and respect to each other will stay forever. Long-lasting friendships are usually made when having hobbies together – nothing better than doing that in a friendly setting like jiu-jitsu has.

Body Coordination and Awareness :

It doesn’t matter if your kid is 3 or 17 years-old: body coordination and awareness are important to learn at any age – of course, the earlier, the better. And jiu-jitsu creates that like no other sport.

It has many small details, techniques and body movements that crafts balance, base and motor skills that can be developed and transferred to any other sport.

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